Randy Meyer maintains and runs our nine-hole, par three executive PGA recognized golf course. Randy’s golf expertise not only keeps our course in excellent condition, but also extends to Friday and Wednesday golf lessons for our owners and guests.

If you have not yet attended these lessons, you should check them out. Randy, a Class A member of the PGA, can offer many helpful tips to improve your game. Call 920-868-9950 to schedule a lesson.

The Grip
Place the club diagonally across the left hand with the heel pad locking the club in the left hand. Place the right hand in the same manner onto the club with the pinkie overlapping the left index finger. The hands should be positioned on the grip in a similar position as when they hang at your sides, with the V formed by the thumbs and index fingers pointing at your right shoulder. The hands should feel as one unit working together. A proper grip will allow for a natural flowing wrist cock at the top and square clubs face at impact.

The feet should be placed at about the width of the shoulders with weight distributed on the heels and toes.

Always approach a golf shot from behind the ball, not from the side. From behind the ball, pick out the intended line of the shot and walk straight into your stance position.POSTURE
Focus on bending from the hip sockets (do not bend or roll from your back OR shoulders to reach the ball) until your arms have a good clearing from your chest to swing freely. The flexing of the knees a little towards your feet is all that is left to achieve a balanced posture.

I believe tempo begins with the take-away. If you jerk the club from the take-away you will lose the smooth controlled tempo that is needed to keep in touch with the weight of the club head, which helps to time our body turn with the club. At a slightly slower speed you can also watch the club head brush away from the ball on a good line.